• i'm gonna take selfcas with hd cameras and post it online
  • i'm gonna take photos of my members and edit them
  • i'm gonna make edits of me x mymembers 24/7
  • i'm gonna follow my fans and secretly send them request to make edits of me
  • i'm gonna take videos of me doing whatever in HD to make gifs
  • i'm gonna roleplay as myself
  • i'm gonna reveal that i have a tumblr on varieties shows yet not telling anybody my url

Anonymous asked:

I'm hungry and I want to eat. The problem is, im not THAT hungry and I've already eaten a few times today and i'm trying to lose weight and get a flat tummy. But the food smells sooo good and I just wanna eat.. Idk what to do :/

cutely-perverted answered:

Eat food that are nutritious and filling it also helps to have healthy snacks throughout the day.